The Education Explosion is a special project event at First Baptist Church of Highland Park (FBCHP). It is a component under the Christian Education Ministry. Our vision is to be the "provider of choice" for educational knowledge, resources and exposure to experts in their professional discipline. The event is to encourage, inform and prepare youth for the next phase in their educational and/or career journey. Afford parents, guardians and community with the requisite information and tools to assist the youth. Our success depends on working in close collaboration with academia, industry, vocation and general public to present the educational knowledge and tools showcasing the best and brightest on the campus of FBCHP.


  • Form relationships/partnerships with organizations ( to include schools, churches, sororities, fraternities, and social) surrounding educational development and subjects.
  • Showcase state-of-the-art education processes, content and knowledge.
  • Create opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation of learning within and across academia, churches, and educational organizations.
  • Partner with leaders in their field of study to ensure consistent and effective teaching/training skills are presented to our youth and shared with the adults.