Statement From The Editor

The New Highlighter Ministry was started in 1986. It replaced the newsletter that was in publication in 1981 with Ironia Broyles as one of the key staff members. Tamara Henry worked as editor for 10 years. James L. Barnett served as editor from 1997 - 2001. Tamara echoed the belief that witnessing for our Lord takes many forms. Our Church newsletter is an example of one of those forms in which we can get God's word out to His people. Our mission is to publish a quality Christian newsletter for our congregation that will enrich their lives and provide a spiritual blessing.

We pray that many lives will be changed by reading The New Highlighter. It features articles and information about events and programs that are occurring at our church and in the lives of our members. The New Highlighter is a forum for all to stay current on church activities. It also gives our members an opportunity to share information with their church family.

Featured in each issue are articles from the Pastor and First Lady, a column on parenting and education, Black History facts and a member spotlight.

Articles for submission to the New Highlighter may be left in the church office or e-mailed to me at

Rev. Altheria Barnett


Rev. Altheria  Barnett, Editor
Cheryl Brooks Assistant Editor
Helen F. Lee Poetess
Rev. James L. Barnett, Advisor
Rodney Dixon Writers
Anita Gay Writers
Rhonda Hawkins Writers
Inez Hockaday Writers
Christine Nolan Writers
Sonya Thornton Writers
Kellye Wright Writers

Scripture Reference

Psalm 68:11
11.The Lord gave the word: Great was the company of those that published it.

Ministry Contact

For more information regarding the Newletter/Highlighter contact Rev. Altheria Barnett through the church office at (301) 773-6655