Crown Financial Minstries
Crown Financial Minstries

Introduction of Ministry

God requires us to be faithful in the managing of our money. Unfortunately, Christians have usually been taught only how to handle ten percent of their income - the area of giving. Although this area is crucial. By default, Christians have learned how to handle the other ninety percent from man’s perspective, not God's perspective. Crown Ministries teaches God’s principles of managing money. More important, people are entering into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and are genuinely excited to discover that the Bible has more than 2,350 verses dealing with money and practical answers to their financial problems.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Christian Education Ministry of First Baptist of Highland Park is to glorify God by using the gifts, talents, and resources of the disciples to develop and enhance their spiritual growth and maturity in Christ


In July 1995, Assistant Pastor Reverend Ronald E. Crawford (then Dean of Christian Education) with approval from Pastor James J. McCord selected Deacon Lawrence J. Harper, Deaconess Shirley A. Harper, Deacon Ollie Williams, Sister Ruth Williams, Sister Nicole Richmond and Brother Charles Pemberton to attend Crown Financial Ministries Leadership Training. Deacon Lawrence Harper and Deaconess Shirley A. Harper were selected as the Crown Financial Ministries Church Coordinators. Three classes were formed that September on a trial basis. The results have been dynamic. Marriages are being strengthened, individuals are getting out of debt and people are becoming consistent savers generous givers and prudent consumers.

In May 1996, the Discipleship Ministry Coordinator, Deacon Duncan Calcote, Jr., included the students from the first Crown Financial Ministry Class in the Navigator 2:7 Discipleship Ministry graduation exercise.

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Services and Activities

God has blessed First Baptist Church with a total of 1313 students who have completed Crown Ministries financial accountability classes.

Although Crown Financial Ministries was founded in1985 as an interdenominational ministry, it was introduced to First Baptist Church of Highland Park in1995 and has spread to many churches around the Greater Metropolitan area and beyond. Several of our graduates are members of other churches and have implemented Crown Financial studies in their churches.

Through the vision of our Pastor, Dr. Henry P. Davis III, FBCHP advertised "Managing Money God's Way" using biblical principles taught by Crown Financial Ministries on WAVA 105.1 FM & PRAISE 104.1 FM to help bring attention to this powerful teaching. This evangelistic outreach resulted in attracting students who have successfully completed this course from various churches and denominations throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

The First Baptist Church of Highland Park Crown Financial Ministries was requested to host a group from Japan by JAC Enterprises, Inc. This Japanese group is interested in identifying best practices for teaching financial principles for their country. With the approval of Pastor Henry P. Davis III a delegation of about twenty-five (25) Japanese with an interpreter visited First Church of Highland Park on September 21, 2005. Deacon Lawrence J. Harper and Local Crown Directors Mickey Garverick and Ralph Solbert gave a dynamic presentation on how to manage your money accordance to the word of God.

With the approval of Pastor Henry P. Davis, III the first Crown Financial Ministries' Teen Class began Sunday, September 24, 2005, as a part of the Sunday Biblical Institute with Patricia Clover, Dr. Charles O. Roberts, and Veronica Jacobs as teen Leaders.

Approval was given by Pastor Davis to launch the Crown Budget Coach Team in January 2006. On May 27, 2006, Mickey Garverick a Crown Financial Ministries instructor taught a one-day Money Map Budget Coach seminar at FBCHP. This is a ten-week study-training course to prepare Christians to Coach other people in budgeting and debt reduction according to scriptural principles. Melody Hill and Dr. Charles O. Roberts are the team Leader.

In March 2009, the Gazette news paper featured an article on financial freedom lead by Deacon and Deaconess Harper (Church teaches message on money) at FBCHP using biblical principles taught by Crown Financial Miniseries. Making a Difference in managing money according to the word of God.

The June 2009, Crown Financial Ministries Graduation at FBCHP was covered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC-Television). View Video

In August of 2014 Crown Financial Ministries was presented with a one minute trailer style video for advertisement. Created by Sister Michelle Reece.

In December of 2014, Deacon Larry & Deaconess Shirley A. Harper were invited to give a Crown Testimony for the International Crown Financial Ministries' Winter Event in Mount Airy, Maryland.

October 22, 2015: Deacons Larry & Shirley A. Harper were invited guests at a four-day Crown Financial Ministries International Gathering Conference in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As a result of information gained from the Conference, FBCHP will be blessed with a new 8-week study entitled: "Business by the Book" which has been approved by Pastor Henry P. Davis III and anticipated to begin in 2016.

October 30, 2015: Deacons Larry & Shirley A. Harper were invited guests at a two-day 4th Annual Financial Freedom Conference at the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, NJ. As a result of information gathered from this Conference, the FBCHP will introduce in 2016 a new debt free 12-week study entitled "dfree" (debt free) which has been approved by Pastor Henry P. Davis III.

In 2014 & 2015, the FBCHP 3rd & 4th grade AWANA classes were introduced to "The Secret of Handling God's Money" by Deacon Larry McCormick and Deacons Jerry & Phyllis Overbey from the "Crown Financial Ministries" perspective. The topics included saving, tithing and offerings. To put their studies into action, students were asked to deposit a monetary contribution in a jar that was sent home with each student. They were to contribute to the Church's Faith Works building program. There was no designated amount and they were only asked that their parents would discuss money management with them and encourage them to contribute regularly (and cheerfully) to the program. At our closing ceremony in June of 2015, the students had returned their jars to their AWANA leaders and surprised everyone with jars filled with money they had earned for the Faith Works building program.

Class Meeting Schedule

Classes meet weekly for two hours. Outside preparation homework and weekly scripture memorization. Study groups are less than 10 to allow students the opportunity to share information and build relationships throughout the course study.


Crown Financial Ministries Class study cost $45.00 for singles and $55.00 for couples and includes student manual and workbook materials.


Registration Forms are located in the Church Office complete the Registration Form, then mail to the address below or you can register click here to register online:
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Crown Ministry
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Scripture Reference

1 Chronicles 29: 11-12 (LB)
11. Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as being in control of everything.

12. Riches and honor come from you alone, and you are the Ruler of all mankind; your hand controls power and might, and it is at your discretion that men are made great and given strength.

Ministry Contacts

For more information on Crown Financial Ministries, contact the Crown Financial Ministries Coordinators for First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Deacon Lawrence J. Harper and Deaconess Shirley A. Harper via the Church Office at (301) 773.6655 for information.