The Web Committee was formed in September of 1999 under the direction and leadership of Bro. James L. Barnett as requested by the Church Administrator, Rev. Henry Green, Jr. The committee's primary mission was to do analysis and a feasibility study to determine the readiness for a web site at First Baptist Church of Highland Park.

The Web Committee became an official ministry in January of 2000 and was named the WEB Dot Ministry. The Ministry soon added new members and provided training. For several months, organizations were interviewed for the content of the web site.

After several months of planning, Pastor Henry P. Davis, III was the inspiration in implementing First Baptist Church of Highland Park's web site on the world wide web in September of 2000. Pastor Davis vision allowed the Web Ministry to move forward with plans to install the web site that you see today.

The goal and purpose of the ministry is to provide a means of educating, communicating, and disseminating information to the congregation and others via the World Wide Web.

Web Page Updates

The Web Ministry is here to serve you: Organizational heads are requested to review their respective pages often and submit updated information as necessary. Click here to download the Web Request Form and follow the instructions on the form to submit information to the Web Ministry.

Future Mission

The FBCHP Web Ministry is looking forward to giving First Baptist Church of Highland Park a new an exciting presence on the web. We will be updating the web pages continuously and welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to speak to our members about any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have.

Some of our future enhancements includes ordering multi-media and video clips, yellow pages for member services, and more

Staff Members

Dea. Walden R. Woods President
Rev. James Barnett   Vice President
Jeff Arrington Chaplin
LaVerne Lowery Editor/Secretary
Janice King Web Developer
Herman Knight Lead Web Developer

Ministry Contact

The Web Ministry can be contacted through the church office at (301)773-6655

E-mail: webministry@fbhp.org