Business by the Book

Manage Money According to God’s Word Biblical Financial Study

Larry Burkett’s best-selling book, Business by the Book, has taught literally thousands of business people how to transform their businesses and marketplaces. Now designed as an in-depth small group study format, will teach business people in all walks of professional life how to practically achieve success and conduct business according to biblical principles.

Practical counsel will be given on a variety of business topics such as:

• Hiring and Firing Decisions
• Pay Increases and Promotions
• Guidelines for Selecting Managers
• Employee Pay Decisions
• Borrowing and Lending Decisions
• Forming Corporations and Partnerships

This class is design with the business owner or potential business owner; the executives and the managers in mind.

Each session requires 2 hours of preparation each week.


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Ministry Contacts

For more information about Business by the Book, contact Dr. Karen Alexander via the church office at (301) 773-6655